Happy Hour #41: What’s Your Podcast, Heather? — ‘Heathers the Musical’

Well f*** them gently with a chainsaw, Jimi and Tommy are talking the cult classic ‘Heathers the Musical’ this week! The guys go in on the importance of honest high school musical theatre, the incredible ways this show is surviving beyond Off-Broadway and have a lovefest about fandoms. How very.

Heathers: The Musical (World Premiere Cast Recording) 


Show Notes

Hey, we want you to feel okay! If it ever gets rough call The Lifeline on 800-273-TALK or if in the UK The Samaratins on 116 123.

Schools licensing Did you know the full version of Heathers is currently available for licensing in the US? Let this musical live on and get your local theatre group to do it today!

There’s no official recording of the Heathers 101: School Edition track ‘You’re Welcome’ yet but I’m sure a quick Google will sort you out. What do you think of it compared to ‘Blue?’

For some sweet Heathers fandom love, go check out some of these insane animatics over on YouTube - there’s a LOT!

Come and chat to us on Reddit! It’s a great place for us to extend the conversation from the podcast - there’s only so much we can talk about! So many of you wanted us to chat ‘Heathers’ so I’m sure you’ll have plenty to say!


One of the most popular songs from this ‘musical’ has been parodied in every context. It will help you learn about the chemical elements, nations of the world and even college majors. What is the ‘musical?’

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Happy Hour #40: A Passionate Podcast - ‘Passion’

This week Jimi and Tommy go on a trip with Sondheim to Italy and explore the life and love of Fosca and Giorgio in his ‘Passion.’ They ponder over why the show was a critical success but not as popular with audiences, laud the importance of orchestrators on Broadway and make conjecture on Sondheim’s meta-musical.


Passion (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Did you know Donna Murphy also had a star turn as the Witch in Into the Woods? Watch Tommy proclaim his love for her in his Miscast Witches video!

If Sondheim is God then does that mean Finishing The… and Look I Made A… are the Old and New Testaments? Either way, gettem!

If you don’t know who Maria Friedman is then the perfect place to start is this this performance of ‘How Many Tears’ from Martin Guerre from ‘Hey, Mr Producer!’

We’re extremely grateful that Sondheim is an advocate for filmed staged versions of his show. Why not treat yourself and have a listen to the creator’s commentary on ‘Passion’?

Here’s a fascinating interview with Sondheim around the time of the release of ‘Passion’ on Broadway.

If you’ve never dipped into the ‘Show People with Paul Wontorek’ Broadway.com segments, you really should! No better place to start than with Judy Kuhn getting passionate.

Orchestrator masterworks bway Hear the man himself talking about the importance of orchestrators, particularly Jonathan Tunick!

If you don’t want to take our word for it, just look at Jonathan Tunick’s repertoire. We owe him so much!

A Highly Anticipated Quiz Question

This show has seen substantial rewrites for it’s licensable school version including the entire re-writing of one of its songs. The creators have said they actually like the new song better than the original and may just include it in all future versions. What show?

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Happy Hour #39: A Scottsboro Song - ‘The Scottsboro Boys’

Jimi and Tommy are going back in history to look at a case that is not talked about enough - the story of the ‘The Scottsboro Boys.’ They examine the controversy surrounding Kander and Ebb’s use of a minstrel show as a framing device, discuss the importance of educating yourself about issues that might be foreign to you and why not enough people know about this musical.

The Scottsboro Boys (Original London Cast)


Show Notes

If you want to find out more about The Scottsboro Boys’ story there is so much out there for you to have a look at, but why not watch this documentary to start you off?

It’s so important to look at all sides of the dice when it comes to any issue, particularly if it’s a side you might not agree with. Have a look at the article that inspired our quiz question this week.

In the same vein, have a look at this video from one of the Freedom Party protests surrounding The Scottsboro Boys’ Broadway run.

There’s an amazing interview with John Thompson, the book writer of this show that gives great insights into the controversy surrounding this piece.

Jane Elliott has done wonderful things for race relations and understanding all through her career. Check out this documentary from when she created her famous ‘Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Experiment’ after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Once you’ve got the hang of what it’s about, go see what happened when Jane brought the experiment to the UK.


The actor who auditioned for the lead role in this musical knocked her audition so far out of the park that Sondheim remarked, “let’s open tomorrow!” What show?

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Happy Hour #38: It’s De-Podcast! - ‘Anything Goes’

All ashore who’s comin’ ashore! Let’s set sail on the SS American with evangelists and crooks as Jimi and Tommy talk about Cole Porter’s classic ‘Anything Goes.’ The lads discuss the many incarnations of the show over the years, why you should just sing ‘Let’s Misbehave’ and get a special visit from UK musical director Dan Glover!

Anything Goes (2011 Cast Recording)

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Show Notes

Keep ‘em comin’ kids!

Unexpectedly this might’ve been our toughest quiz question yet! John Williams arranged this fascinating opening for ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.’

One of our favourite SNL skits is the High School Theatre Show. Check it out here! Jimi and Tommy take no responsibility for any SNL YouTube holes you fall into.

Forbidden Broadway had their take on the 1987 revival of ‘Anything Goes’ and probably do one of the best Patti LuPone impressions of all time!

Are you in the UK? Check your local theatre and go see Dan’s production of Wedding Singer! Full details on tickets here. Then go follow him on Twitter @DanGlover_27!

It got snipped from any of the amateur productions you’ll find out there, but here is Bonnie asking the age old question: where are the men?

A product of his times or something more sinister? What’s your take on Cole Porter? This article wages in on the question.


This musical stirred something of a controversy on Broadway though it had many positive reviews the following critic did not speak so highly: “The only reason [this musical] has made it to the Great White Way is the Great White Guilt.” What show?

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Happy Hour #37: Podcast Noir - ‘City of Angels’

Crack out your smoky sax and don your best femme fatale dress, as we’re going to LA in the 1940s for ‘City of Angels.’ Jimi and Tommy try and work out why we don’t see too much of this show, have a tennis match about the lyrics of the show and discuss the many opportunities for creative teams that the show offers.

City of Angels (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Interested in finding out more about Film Noir? Start with the quintessential Maltese Falcon! You can check out the trailer here.

Visiting London anytime soon? Why not check out the West End premiere of ‘The Life’ starring Sharon D. Clarke written by ‘City of Angels’ Cy Coleman?

Thoughts on City of Angels success rate Why do you think City of Angels has never kicked up a storm? Or even just never revived on Broadway? Let us know on Reddit!

Tony performance We often wonder what goes into the creative team’s decision to showcase what they do at the Tony’s! Have a look at what City of Angels brought to the table.

Want to give yourself a challenge? License ‘City of Angels’ with your local theatre group!

Donmar director’s article The recent West End revival met some good success. Donmar Artistic Director Josie Rourke weighs in on why she chose City of Angels as her first musical.


Did you know, John Williams worked arranging the score for the 1971 film version of Fiddler on the Roof. To our knowledge, he’s only ever arranged one other song from musical theatre. This song is the title song of next week’s musical.

P.S. It's not 'Thomas and the King'

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Happy Hour #36: A Godspell Gab - ‘Godspell’

Prepare ye-selves for our next musical, Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak’s ‘Godspell!’ This week Jimi and Tommy debate whether this is a show about religion or community, marvel over the creative freedom allowed when producing it and try and decide which are their favourite (of the MANY) cast recordings.

Godspell (The New Broadway Cast)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Tweet us your ideas!

Stephen Schwartz’s service to his fans is fantastic. Check out the forums on his website to see some of his interaction. The Godspell stuff is particularly interesting!

Godspell is yet another ‘70s-New-York-Centric-Movie-Musical, have a look at a young Victor Garber leading the flock with some fascinating choreography to ‘All For The Best.’

In complete contrast, have a look at the trailer for the 2011 Broadway revival of Godspell complete with onstage water and trampolines!

We want to hear about your thoughts on the religious side of Godspell, particularly if you’re not of the Christian faith - but Christians don’t worry, we want to hear from you too! Come say hi on Reddit!


In the song ‘Beautiful City’ from Godspell lies the title of our next musical. What could it be?

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Happy Hour #35: Podcast. Podcast. Podcast. - ‘Now. Here. This.’

Jimi and Tommy take a trip round the Natural History Museum with their favourite fab foursome - The FourBs - as they discuss their musical ‘Now. Here. This.’ They contemplate the importance of subtlety in cast recordings, high school moments that made them hot and queer representation in musical theatre for their weekly socio-political fix.

Now. Here. This. (Original Cast Recording)

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Show Notes

What’s your name for the ‘FourBs’ - Susan Blackwell, Jeff Bowen, Heidi Blickenstaff, Hunter Bell? Tell us on Twitter!

Check out ToS If you haven’t already, and you’re a musical theatre nerd, go check out the FourBs’ first work ‘[title of show]’. Those guys sure do love their punctuated titles…

Neofuturists Interested in experimental fringe theatre? Have a peek at the stuff that The Neo-Futurists are getting up to!

Dazzle camouflage Let musical theatre and Jeff Bowen guide you into a whole new world of education with what the hell Dazzle Camouflage actually is.

Hey podcast fans, what makes you hot? Let us know over on our subreddit!

Necessary ‘Now. Here. This.’ watching is the gang’s Kickstarter documentary - you can watch it here!

Surprise! We got to interview the gorgeous and glorious cast of ‘Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812’ while they were recording their original Broadway cast recording (due next month!) - have a look at us speaking to Denée Benton here!



What musical features Socrates, Jean-Paul Sartre and L. Ron Hubbard in its cast?

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Happy Hour #34: A Saigon Serenade - ‘Miss Saigon’

The heat is most definitely on in the podcast this week as Jimi and Tommy discuss Boublil and Schonberg’s controversial ‘Miss Saigon.’ The guys discuss the problem of Asian diversity onstage, how much the author’s intent qualifies the tone of a musical and the effect of covering songs outside the context of the show!

Miss Saigon: The Definitive Live Recording

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

There’s lots to discuss this episode so head straight on over to Reddit to join in the conversation. While you’re there why not check out the chat on some of our previous episodes too?

If you haven’t seen the show before, it’s well worth checking out the 25th Anniversary recording to get a good idea of the story and some of the staging, plus some outstanding performances!

Have a look at some of the shocking statistics about Asian casting on Broadway. We’re looking at you Aladdin!

It’s crazy to think that Lea Salonga was just 17 when she auditioned to play Kim. Have a look at her callback audition where she sings ‘Sun and Moon’ with the writers.

There are so many amazing recordings from places outside of Broadway and the West End. Since we’re celebrating Asian actors this episode, let’s enjoy more of Hong Kwang-Ho who plays Thuy in 25th Anniversary recording. His voice is breathtaking! Here he is singing Jekyll and Hyde, which was huge in Korea and Phantom of the Opera where he was one of the youngest to be cast in the role. What are some of your favourites? Let us know!

Sorry but Jimi will take any excuse to feature Liza’s Losing My Mind cover...

Have a read of this article by playwright David Henry Hwang to hear his take on the Asian casting issues in theatre.


We’ve got an audio clip for our next quiz question! If you can work out the identity of the cartoon being described, it’ll lead you towards the title of our next show!

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Happy Hour #33: Jim and Tomic Are Doing A Podcast! - ‘42nd Street’

Come and meet those dancing feet, we’re taking you to everyone’s favourite ‘avenue’: 42nd Street! Don your tap shoes and triple-time step your way into the Great Depression as Jimi and tommy (feat. a noisy cricket) discuss the tragic nature of the show’s opening night, debate the nature of dance breaks and the success of contemporary awakenings of classic musical comedies.

42nd Street (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Turns out Pinky and Perky are British! For all you non-Brits out there here’s a taste of the singer-songwriter pigs’ TV show.

If that sold you, you can get the VHS of the Chattanooga Choo Choo number here!

If you fancy yourself some black and white realness, check out the Hollywood classic 42nd Street movie!

Old Hollywood trailers are a beautiful thing, check out the (massively misogynistic) 42nd Street trailer from 1933.

Did you know classic Hollywood actors made mistakes too? Just look and see! God damn!

If you haven’t got one of the greatest musical theatre resources ever (Broadway: The American Musical by the way) then fix that right now!

What do you think about the nature of dance breaks? Come tell us on Reddit!

One of Jimi’s favourite Tony openings ever is 2001, with this fantastic turn from 42nd Street!

If you want some more Tony opening fun have a look at the train wreck of 2009

Have a look at this xkcd comic as we tease apart the nature of reviving classic musicals.


There are three musicals (that we know of) with songs in them titled “The Confrontation.” One of them is our musical next week.

Which one?

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Happy Hour #32: A Little Night Podcast - ‘A Little Night Music’

Come with us as we spend a weekend in the country listening relentlessly to Sondheim’s ‘A Little Night Music.’ We ponder why Sondheim wrote the show in the first place, try to work out why ‘Send in the Clowns’ is his most popular song of all time and make a plea for a renaissance of Broadway Cast Recordings.

A Little Night Music (Revival Broadway Cast Recording)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify


Show Notes

If you’ve not got the musical theatre equivalent of Moses’ tablets from Mt. Siani- then what are you playing at? Finishing The… and Look I Made A…

We couldn’t talk about Elaine Stritch’s Broadway finale without giving her some mad props. Here’s a marvellous glimpse of her in the show as Madame Armfeldt (with a smidge of Bernadette thrown in for good measure!)

Our pal Mo Brady from The Ensemblist podcast (check ‘em out!) is very well acquainted with ‘A Little Night Music’ - go see what we mean!

Wondering what we’re talking about with Liza Minnelli and Ethel Merman? Please inform your local nightclubs of the existence of both of these.

Jimi owes a lot of his musical theatre knowledge to The Simpsons. This was his introduction to ‘A Little Night Music.’

If you haven’t seen ‘Hey! Mr Producer’ yet then fix that right now! If you have, let’s all reminisce over this beautiful moment with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim together (featuring the world’s most awkward handshake/hug!)

What do you think of all of the many millions of adaptations of ‘Send In The Clowns’, like Barbra Streisand’s here. Let us know what you think about musical theatre songs being popularised over on Reddit!

Let’s have one final nod to the glorious Elaine Stritch, you may not be ‘still here’ with us in person, but your musical certainly will be forevermore!


Catherine Zeta-Jones made her Broadway debut in the 2009 revival of ‘A Little Night Music,’ BUT this was far from her theatrical stage debut. In fact, she got her big break in a West End production of our next musical. What is it?

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Happy Hour #31: We're Ready for our Podcast, Mr. DeMille – ‘Sunset Boulevard’

Put on your your finest fir and hop in your star vehicle (an Isotta-Fraschini, naturally) as we drive down Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard! Jimi and Tommy chat about film noir, lazy rhymes, and Patti LuPone's Andrew Lloyd Webber memorial pool. 

Sunset Boulevard (American Premiere Recording)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Andrew Lloyd Webber has four musicals on Broadway right now (Phantom of the Opera, Cats, School of Rock and Sunset Boulevard). It all makes for one interesting photo:

Check out this smokey, vintage trailer for the original movie version of Sunset Boulevard.

Much to Tommy's chagrin, we've talked Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals a few times before on the podcast. Check out our coverage of Phantom and Cats.

Yes, Tommy has an obsession with Murder, She Wrote. No, it's not a problem…

And today on Jim and Tomic's Video Game Happy Hour, it's the point-and-click classic Grim Fandango.

Want to relive the whole newspaper-reading, floor lamp-heaving moments for yourself? Check out Patti LuPone's Memoir.

Or, for a quick look into the fiasco (and discussion of the ALW memorial pool) check out this New York Times article.

Jimi's favorite: Elaine Page singing With one Look. …take a look at it…get it?

A breathy quiz question…

One of the songs in the original production of this show was specifically written to accommodate the leading lady's tiny lungs. Interestingly, this is not the first time a song has been written to accommodate this actress. What show is it?

Happy Hour #30: Der Dreigroschenpodcast - ‘The Threepenny Opera’

Hallo kinder! We’re going further than we’ve ever gone before for our thirtieth birthday, back to pre-war Germany and Brecht and Weill’s “The Threepenny Opera.” We learn the differences between Verfremdungseffekt and Gesamtkunstwerk, talk about how torturous times can create form-changing art and reflect on how Brechtian theatre exists today.

The Threepenny Opera – 1954 New York Cast Blitzstein Adaptation

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

If you’ve only ever listened to the OBC, why not try something new and listen to the RIAS Berlin Symphony Orchestra recording starring Ute Lemper? It’s Jimi’s all time favourite.

Get your notepads out, listeners! It’s time for a bit of theatre education. Your prescribed textbook is ‘Brecht on Theatre: The Development of an Aesthetic.’ Turn to page 394.

If you’re more of an auditory learner check out this documentary here, here and here, featuring interviews from Brecht’s wife and collaborator Helene Weigel.

Don’t tell Brecht, but you should REALLY listen to ‘Tristan und Isolde’ by Wagner if you haven’t. It’s pretty darn life changing.

After that, continue you on your operatic journey and check out our musical theatre pal Patti LuPone in Brecht and Weill’s ‘The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny’ and then buy the DVD.

There are approximately an annjillian versions of ‘Mack the Knife,’ but here’s Ella Fitzgerald showing us all how to get over forgetting the lyrics mid-song.

Tommy pulled out Weill’s ‘The Firebrand of Florence’ out of his pocket mid-podcast. Check out what the hell he was talking about here!

What do you think about the music of ‘The Threepenny Opera?’ Tommy’s tied, Jimi’s in love, where are you? Tell us on Reddit!

Here’s the queen of cabaret, Lotte Lenya, singing one of Jimi’s all-time favourite musical theatre numbers - ‘Pirate Jenny.’ Then have a swatch at Ute Lemper, her contemporary counterpart, doing the same in German. But if you want something completely different, check out Amanda Palmer taking her NSFW take on it! Which do you prefer?

Why was Bob Dylan aroused? It’s a question we ask ourselves every day. Check out this article to find a bit about why!

We’ve not heard from ‘Forbidden Broadway’ in a while, check out their inadvertent pastiche of ‘The Threepenny Opera’ in their ‘Spring Awakening’ spoof!

Also if anyone wants to hear more from Lotte Lenya or Bertolt Brecht in Jimi’s little book,

Bonus shnote! Here's Jimi when he played Mr Peachum in a production of 'The Threepenny Opera' at the Edinburgh Fringe:


Which musical caused the events of this quote to occur:

“From the outside, I’m sure it sounded like all hell had broken loose in my dressing room, which in fact it had. I was hysterical … I took to batting practice in my dressing room with a floor lamp. I swung at everything in sight — mirrors, wig stands, makeup, wardrobe, furniture, everything. Then I heaved a lamp out the second-floor window.”

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Happy Hour #29: The Podcast Men – ‘The Music Man’

We got no trouble here just pure unadulterated love for Meredith Willson’s one-hit-wonder “The Music Man!” We bask in the brilliance of the book, music and lyrics of this show, discuss the disparity between Broadway and West End successes and weigh up historical accuracy versus inclusivity.


The Music Man (Original Broadway Cast)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Interested in finding out a bit more about Meredith Willson? Check out this article about the man behind “The Music Man.”

Tommy is a master of mockery, go check out his pastiche of “Ya Got Trouble” and the 2003 Disney televised movie.

Does anyone have this elusive Meredith Willson interview record? Let us know!

Any excuse to post a vid of the queen herself, Patti LuPone singing “Ya Got Trouble” on SiriusXM.

Jimi was first exposed to The Music Man the same way he was exposed to most American culture - through The Simpsons. Then subsequently in everyone’s favourite camp extravaganza, BBC’s “Over the Rainbow.”

We’ve plugged it before, and we’ll plug it again. If you’re interested in scholarly reading about musical theatre, check out Warren Hoffman’s “The Great White Way.”

Surprise! Tommy is representin’ at BroadwayCon in NYC this weekend. Who’s all going? Come say hi!


Bob Dylan became aroused straightaway by the raw intensity of the songs in this musical. What musical was it?

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Happy Hour #28: The Jim and Tomic Mixtape – ‘The Hamilton Mixtape’

Jimi and Tommy go back to their roots and return to see just how much the Hamilton phenomenon has affected the world and discuss the release of ‘The Hamilton Mixtape!’ The pair chat about the contentious relationship between theatre and politics, exposing the musical theatre world to new music and question Hamilton’s potential successes worldwide.

The Hamilton Mixtape

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Want a brief taster of how much Hamilton took over in 2016? Check out this Playbill article!

As with the OBC, genius.com has got you covered with understanding just how nuanced and incredible this mixtape is! Go, devour, learn!

Speaking of demos, check out Raul Esparza giving us a taste of 'The Flag Song' from Sondheim's Assassins. Very topical. Very very.

Check out the video that blasted Watsky onto the pop sphere. How can any human being go that fast? I dunno. I’m jealous.

Wanna see “An Open Letter” straight from the horse’s mouth? Have a swatch of this vid of Lin and friends giving their rendition on the Hamilton stage!

And a final congratulations to Andrew McDermott for winning the Overtures quiz with an impeccable 100% score!


The movie version of this musical is one of Ron Howard’s only singing roles. Which musical?

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Happy Hour #27: A Christmas Podcast - ‘A Christmas Story’

Happy holidays everybody! To celebrate, we’re chatting about one of Broadway’s newest Christmas stories, “A Christmas Story” - the adaptation of the cult American classic. The lads talk all about the differences between US and UK Christmas movies, the glory of Pasek and Paul and work out what our Red Rider Carbine Action BB Guns of yore were.

Amazon / Spotify / iTunes

Take a peek at Broadway’s premiere prosthetic kickline in “A Major Award.”

Take a look at Ralphie defending his family from Black Bart in the movie, then compare it to a rehearsal of “Ralphie to the Rescue” from the movie!

Johnny Rabe is a boy wonder! Read this sage-like interview about his first producing credit here.

Is Luke Spring Fred Astaire reincarnate? Very potentially! Check out him and Caroline O’Connor in the Tony Awards performance!

Next proceed to fall into a Caroline O’Connor shaped YouTube hole starting from here.

What was your Red Rider Carbine Action BB Gun? Let us know over on Reddit or Twitter what the best present you've ever received was!

Not just a quiz question, a quiz…

As it is the season of giving we’re holding our first prize giveaway! We’ve got 20 overtures, some easy, some hard, for you to guess. DM us on Twitter, email us or fill out our contact form with your answers. The person with the most correct wins! Deadline for answers is midnight CST on the 31st. Good luck and happy holidays!

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Happy Hour #26: An Oklahoma Hoedown - ‘Oklahoma!’

Jimi and Tommy talk about Rodgers and Hammerstein’s record-breaking debut, ‘Oklahoma!’ The gang discuss where the show fits in a contemporary setting, the importance of narrative choreography and the birth of the two most important names in musical theatre history!

Oklahoma! (1998 London Cast Recording)

Amazon / iTunes  / Spotify

Show Notes

If musical theatre history is your thing, then look no further than Broadway: The American Musical beautifully narrated by Julie Andrews!

Also if you are interested in race representation in musical The Great White Way by Warren Hoffman is a good starting point.

Check out the glorious Agnes DeMille, one of the true founders of narrative choreography.

Oklahoma was the first musical to contain a dream ballet - have a look at the 1955 movie’s attempt at it!

What are you opinions and experiences with narrative choreography and dance on Broadway? Let us know on Reddit!

Stephen Sondheim owes a lot of his career to Mr Oscar Hammerstein II. Have a look at this great interview where he talks a little bit about his influence.

As it’s the holidays we’ve got an exciting giveaway in next week’s podcast so be sure to tune in and find out the details!


Which musical contains Broadway’s premiere prosthetic kickline?

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Happy Hour #25: Some Matilda Malarkey – ‘Matilda: The Musical’

Grab your library books and keep an eye on that newt! This week we're chatting up the nuvo-West End show “Matilda: The Musical.” We discuss stellar child actors, British and US dialectical differences, the fabulous Bertie Carvel and the marvels of childhood.

Matilda: The Musical (Original London Cast Recording)



Have a look at this interview with the marvelous Tim Minchinwhere he talks about how he got involved with the RSC and Matilda.

The set design for this show is JUST fab. Here's an interview with set and costume designer Rob Howell and lighting designer Hugh Vanstone about their letters-and-blocks inspired design.

There're two recordings of Matilda! Did you know that? Tommy didn't. If you want to do some comparisons, the London Cast is on Spotify and the Broadway Cast is on Amazon.

2013 was the year of the children choruses at the Tony Awards. Don't believe us? Check out NPH's exhausting opening number.

Have a look at the stunning Bertie Carvel in the recording studio. Fabulous both in and out of costume.

Join Lesli Margherita in her backstage vlog “Looks Not Books”from Broadway.com.

Tim Minchin sings songs. They're funny. Really funny.

He's also working on a new musical – an adaptation of the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. It'll be a while before you can listen to the whole thing, but you can check out one of the songs right now!

Happy Hour #24: A New World Whirl – ‘Songs for a New World’

Set sail with us as we explore Jason Robert Brown's early song cycle, “Songs for a New World.” We talk the contentious differences between Revues, Musicals and Song Cycles, kvetch about the “Contemporary Musical Theatre Song” and ruminate on misplaced production concepts.

Songs for a New World (Off-Broadway Cast Recording)

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Show Notes

Jason Robert Brown not only played piano during the original production of Songs for a New World he also regularly performs his own stuff! Check him out singing “King of the World!”

Feel like Tommy? Didn't know “Surabaya Santa” was a reference to a Kurt Weill song? Well, live in the dark no longer!

You'd never believe it, but this is the London production Jimi references.

Wanna listen to a “Contemporary Musical Theatre Song?” Here you go! Wanna hear Jimi singing it? Go bug him on twitter. 😬

What's the certain sign of a “contemporary musical theatre” show? A song about coffee, that's what.

We didn't talk about it, but listen to this “Jason Robert Brown Song.”

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