ABOUT the Show

At the heart of any great story is a powerhouse duo. Valjean and Javert, Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, Hamilton and Burr, Andrew Lloyd Webber and small cats, and now: Jimi and Tommy – your very own star-crossed musical theatre nerds. One from Scotland, one from Chicago. Both united in their love for all things musical theatre. They’ve come together to offer you a sip of everything you need to quench your musical theatre thirst. 

This transatlantic podcast offers two separate perspectives into the wonderful world of musical theatre. Jimi and Tommy may live far away from the bright lights of Broadway and London’s West End, but they represent the massive community of musical theatre fans who live on a diet of cast recordings and regional theatre. They hope to share their passion with their fellow nerds, closet nerds and wannabe nerds. 

With this podcast, they want to offer something a little different – each episode will explore the story of a different musical, delving deep into the show’s history and looking at the wider social context surrounding it. As Jimi and Tommy dive into some of your favourite shows, as well as shining the spotlight on some hidden gems, they invite you to learn something new whilst having a gay ol’ time.

If you’re new here, the boys recommend you pick your favourite show and listen to the episode about that!

So, get ready to sit back, relax, and indulge in a large glass of Jim & Tomic’s Musical Theatre Happy Hour.


Your Hosts



Jimi is a writer and director from Glasgow. He is passionate about developing the burgeoning musical theatre scene in Scotland, having been actively involved in performing and creating theatre for the past ten years. A self-proclaimed musical theatre nerd, Jimi is all about nurturing a community outside of Broadway and the West End. When not hunting for rare Off-Broadway cast recordings in record shops or attempting to master his impression of various musical theatre Divas, he can be found creating puzzles, playing games and searching for exquisite storytelling in any form he can find.



Tommy is a high school theatre teacher by day and musical theatre YouTuber by night. He’s been uncontrollably excited about musical theatre ever since his grandmother gifted him a VHS box set of MGM’s “That’s Entertainment” for his seventh birthday. A fervent musical theatre analyst, Tommy enjoys the entire spectrum of shows – from the golden oldie toe-tappers to newfangled pop-rock pseudo-operas. If he’s not in a theatre or enjoying the latest cast album, you can find him hiking the greater Rocky Mountain trails, playing board games with friends, or belting Merman at the local piano bar.