Happy Hour #9: Dinner With Dolly - Hello, Dolly!

Put on your Sunday clothes no matter what day it is and come on down to Yonkers and join us in celebration of everyone’s favourite matchmaker (sorry, Yente!) - Hello, Dolly! Jimi and Tommy are back after a little break with one of the most successful musicals ever. They babble about Pearl Bailey and the vitally important all-black production, decide on who did Dolly best and Tommy shares a hilarious corn-shaped anecdote.

Can't pick which cast album you want? Try both!

Hello Dolly with Pearl Bailey

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Hello Dolly with Carol ChanninG

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Show Notes

The song that didn’t start it all! Here’s Satchmo himself singing the title song.

Take a glimpse at the original New York Times glowing review of the 1964 Broadway production : 

These are the ultimate friendship goals! Here’s Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey on Broadway in 1969 from the very suitably titled, “Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey: On Broadway”: 

They say that Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are the modern day Carol Channing and Liza Minnelli. Christine Pedi just proves it here.

This was Jimi’s introduction to Hello, Dolly! in the greatest love story ever told: Wall-E 

A Totally Real Trivia Question:

"This musical was Julie Andrews’ last Broadway performance to date where in an unfortunate turn of events she flubbed on her lines left the stage in embarrassment. What was the musical?"

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