Happy Hour #15: A Fun Home Hoopla - Fun Home

Welcome to our podcast on Maple Avenue! This week, we're talking about the fabulously important (and recently closed) musical Fun Home. We chat about the importance of representation, non-linearity, vagaries in the LGBTQ alphabet soup of terminology, and Jimi gets caught up on a particular V-word.

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Show Notes

If you haven't read the graphic novel that the musical Fun Home is based on, we highly recommend it!

Alison Bechdel's early comic strip, Dykes to Watch Out For is archived online. Check it out!

After seeing her life on stage, Alison Bechdel responded in the best way possible: with another autobiographical comic strip.

Sydney Lucas. Ring of Keys. Tony Performance. 'Nuff said.

No matter how you describe it, Ellen's coming out on television was revolutionary in the 90s. Here's a retrospective.

Want to hear more about the political drama surrounding the graphic novel in South Carolina? Here's a quick NPR story about it.

It never made it to television (SHAME) but, thanks to the power of the internet, you can experience the entire Jeanine Tesori & Lisa Kron Tony acceptance speech.

A Scandalous Quiz Question…

What musical revival caused an audience member to strip completely naked because she loved it that much?

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