Happy Hour #21: A Phantom Tantrum – ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

Grab your half-masks, put on your cape, and come on down to the opera house! This week we're (somewhat begrudgingly) chatting about A-L-dubb's smash hit The Phantom of the Opera. Buckle up – we're talking misplaced musical styles, plagiarized melodies, and creepy romances (both on and off stage.)


The Phantom of the Opera
Original London Cast

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Show Notes

Health and safety regulations being what they are, the chandelier crash can be painfully slow in some productions. Check out this compilation video!

Check out Maury Yeston talking about his (probably superior) musical “Phantom.”

What style and grace! Have a look at Sarah Brightman extolling the virtues of her phantom – ex-hubby Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber is notorious for ripping off other people's melodies. Here's a small sampling.

A CINEMATIC Quiz Question

The film that this musical is based upon is the only best picture Oscar winner not to be nominated for any other Academy Awards.

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