Happy Hour #27: A Christmas Podcast - ‘A Christmas Story’

Happy holidays everybody! To celebrate, we’re chatting about one of Broadway’s newest Christmas stories, “A Christmas Story” - the adaptation of the cult American classic. The lads talk all about the differences between US and UK Christmas movies, the glory of Pasek and Paul and work out what our Red Rider Carbine Action BB Guns of yore were.

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Take a peek at Broadway’s premiere prosthetic kickline in “A Major Award.”

Take a look at Ralphie defending his family from Black Bart in the movie, then compare it to a rehearsal of “Ralphie to the Rescue” from the movie!

Johnny Rabe is a boy wonder! Read this sage-like interview about his first producing credit here.

Is Luke Spring Fred Astaire reincarnate? Very potentially! Check out him and Caroline O’Connor in the Tony Awards performance!

Next proceed to fall into a Caroline O’Connor shaped YouTube hole starting from here.

What was your Red Rider Carbine Action BB Gun? Let us know over on Reddit or Twitter what the best present you've ever received was!

Not just a quiz question, a quiz…

As it is the season of giving we’re holding our first prize giveaway! We’ve got 20 overtures, some easy, some hard, for you to guess. DM us on Twitter, email us or fill out our contact form with your answers. The person with the most correct wins! Deadline for answers is midnight CST on the 31st. Good luck and happy holidays!

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