Happy Hour #28: The Jim and Tomic Mixtape – ‘The Hamilton Mixtape’

Jimi and Tommy go back to their roots and return to see just how much the Hamilton phenomenon has affected the world and discuss the release of ‘The Hamilton Mixtape!’ The pair chat about the contentious relationship between theatre and politics, exposing the musical theatre world to new music and question Hamilton’s potential successes worldwide.

The Hamilton Mixtape

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Show Notes

Want a brief taster of how much Hamilton took over in 2016? Check out this Playbill article!

As with the OBC, genius.com has got you covered with understanding just how nuanced and incredible this mixtape is! Go, devour, learn!

Speaking of demos, check out Raul Esparza giving us a taste of 'The Flag Song' from Sondheim's Assassins. Very topical. Very very.

Check out the video that blasted Watsky onto the pop sphere. How can any human being go that fast? I dunno. I’m jealous.

Wanna see “An Open Letter” straight from the horse’s mouth? Have a swatch of this vid of Lin and friends giving their rendition on the Hamilton stage!

And a final congratulations to Andrew McDermott for winning the Overtures quiz with an impeccable 100% score!


The movie version of this musical is one of Ron Howard’s only singing roles. Which musical?

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