Happy Hour #64: Another Podcast in Another Feed - ‘Evita’

What’s new Happy Hour fans? We’re flying back to the B.A., Buenos Aires, Big Apple to talk all about the controversial first lady, ‘Evita’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Come for the deep discussion, stay for Jimi and Tommy fighting over whether this is a good show or not! This week the guys discuss some of Argentina’s troubled history, including the truth about what happened to Eva Peron’s body, work out the potential merits of the movie and debate whether or not this Andrew Lloyd Webber’s greatest score.


Evita (Original Cast Recording/1979)

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Show Notes

To be honest, I’d always have thought Patti was taller. Here is the diva herself giving her true opinions on what she thinks of Madonna in the movie.

If you fancy some pure 80s brilliance check out the musical version of War of the Worlds featuring original Ché, David Essex!

If you’re interested in more background to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s process then have a look at this brilliantly detailed book with lots of exclusives and great photographs. (You can tell Tommy doesn’t write the show notes, right?)

Jimi is heartbroken more people won’t experience this amazing show, ‘These Trees Are Made of Blood’ - go check them out and give them some love!

If you’ve yet to see the movie, it’s definitely worth a watch. Once you’ve seen come and tell us what you thought over on Twitter!

Is this how your parents reacted to Les Miserables? In all honesty though Jimi was in a similar state after he left the theatre from the 25th Anniversary Tour production…

Never heard of The Corrs? you might have heard their lead singer as the voice of the protagonist in the Quest for Camelot movie. This movie has some great bangers by the way...

And if that whetted your whistle then get your Celtic mojo going with one of The Corrs’ biggest hits!  

We’d be surprised if you’re aware of Evita and have never seen this video. All jokes aside, no one can deny this wonderful woman is a POWERHOUSE!

And if you want to work out exactly how she does it (and some of the intelligence behind the composition of this number in particular) check out Seth Rudetsky’s brilliant deconstruction!

And if you want to hear in her own words what she thinks about Andrew Lloyd Webber then this interview is amazing with Broadway.com’s Paul Wontorek!

Check out our interview we held with Brittain Ashford where she talks to us about how Dave Malloy writes for the really challenging part of her voice.

This is a fantastic article which goes into a lot of detail around the difficulties of casting a show like Evita.

Who’s your favourite Evita? What are your feelings on the Movie? Let’s talk about it all over on Reddit!

Smells Like Teen Quatements

This musical shares its poster title font with Nirvana’s album covers.

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