Happy Hour #69 (Side 1): StarPodcast - ‘Ghost Quartet’

We don’t even know how to begin, but we certainly know that we are here and discussing Dave Malloy’s spookily exquisite song-cycle, ‘Ghost Quartet.’ Spanning two full episodes where they dissect the show track-by-track, the boys get existential and talk about the other side, universal consciousness theory, the complex human relationship with alcohol, artist idolatry, how simple can often be best and the nature of protagonist and antagonist.

Ghost Quartet: Studio Recording

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

Ghost Quartet: Live at the McKittrick

Amazon / iTunes / Spotify

The question we’re all asking is, WILL a Fosse neck do it? I guess we’ll never know.

In true Prayer style, Jimi will try his hardest to not quote the Rainbow Sponge Lady video in future podcasts.

If you’re batting about London this winter then check out London’s premiere of Ghost Quartet!

So Jimi’s opinion on digesting Ghost Quartet is to see it first (if possible), listen to the McKittrick Live Recording, then listen to the studio recording to pull it all apart and start to change your whole viewpoint on life, the universe and everything.

As usual, Dave has provided us with some fascinating insights on his music and many wonderful effusions on his fellow cast members via his Genius annotations.

If you’re into Arabian Nights and are board game oriented look no further than one of Jimi’s all time favourites: Tales of the Arabian Nights!

Can we start a Twitter campaign to see if Dave actually intended it to be Roxie Usher a la Anything Goes? The people need to know!

In one of her standout moments, Elaine Stritch’s one woman show paints a fascinating picture about her relationship with alcohol.

If you want to join Jimi’s cult of Jeff Buckley then why not start with one of the best studio albums of all time, Grace?

Then while you’re feeling musical why not have a gander at one of Thelonius Monk’s greatest albums too? A staple for every record player to be quite honest.

Check out Wind Cave and/or Cheddar Gorge depending on your locale for some Lights Out action!

Regarding mobile use in theatres, the man said it perfectly himself so I’m just going to leave this here for you to enjoy:

“And then there are AWFUL SELFISH STUPID SOULLESS SLIMES who have to look at their phones. Who can’t detach from the relentless minutiae of daily life and allow a blank enough space for catharsis or even just mild beauty to happen, for themselves or anyone around them. Listen: if you ever look at your phone during a theater show, for any reason, you are acting like an AWFUL SELFISH STUPID SOULLESS SLIME, and deserve the full disdain off all around you. It is a sacrilege to your performers, to the rest of the audience, to music and art and love and life and/or God. Just please keep that in mind.”

Is this podcast really just a way for Jimi to garner like-minded people who share his eclectic tase in fiction? I think so. Feel free to PM him about anything related to Twin Peaks, Lost, The OA, Rusty Lake or House of Leaves.

How can it be that we spoke for around 3 hours about a show, yet there still be so much more to say? Let's move this talk over to Reddit. We're dying to hear your thoughts!

A Hazardous Quiz Question

During the filming of the movie that this musical is based on, a jilted lighting operator intentionally attempted to drop a lighting instrument on one of the young actresses in an attempt at revenge for his own daughter not being cast in the role. What show?

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