Happy Hour #66: The Podcast Game - ‘The Pajama Game’

Don’t waste time! Tune in right now to the latest Happy Hour where Jimi and Tommy are talking all about the very serious drama, “The Pajama Game!” After a long summer off the boys were keen to get right back in and talk about the peculiar structure of this show, why it might have all been a time-travelling-filled ruse to get Harry Connick Jr. on Broadway and discuss Bob Fosse’s choreographic debut!

The Pajama Game (2006 Cast Album)

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Over the next few weeks we are giving you the chance to decide what show you want us to talk about in an upcoming episode! After polling our listeners, the top 16 most wanted shows were put into a March Madness style bracket and we’ll be voting every day to see which one will come out on top.

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Next to Normal vs. Rent

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Show Notes

Jimi was indeed disappointed to find out that Jock Jams had nothing to do with Jock Straps.

Not that anyone needs reminding but this is what Jimi looked like when he tried to get into The Pajama Game.


They had wannabe scenesters in 1950s Iowa right?

Oh and for balance, here’s Tommy during the Pajama Game…


If ham is mentioned in a musical Pickle Surprise must make an appearance. It’s one of those unwritten laws. Enjoy! Drag Race fans please note a cameo from RuPaul and Lady Bunny.

I wonder if any high school directors could work this interpretation of Hernando’s Hideaway into their production?

Feast your eyes on Bob Fosse’s choreographic grand slam ‘Steam Heat!’

The 2006 revival switches up a lot of songs, including Babe’s reprise of ‘Hey There’ - what do you think of the tweaks? Is it important that Sid doesn’t get much to do in act 2? Let us know on Reddit!

A Withdrawn Quatement

To our knowledge, the only time the Tony Awards Nomination Committee has withdrawn a nomination from a production was for next week’s show.

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