Happy Hour BONUS: The 73rd Annual Tony Awards

The boys are back to discuss all of the nominated musicals for this year’s Tony Awards! If you want the low-down on what’s hot and what’s not in the musicals category then this is the podcast for you. Including discussions of artistry in musical theatre, the importance of impersonation in jukebox musicals and a pondering as to why viral sensation ‘Be More Chill’ only garnered one nomination. Good luck to all the nominees!

Show Notes

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Check out the trailer for Hadestown!

If you want to hear our views about Hadestown before it went to London then our podcast episode on it is here!

There’s a lot of artistry in this creative team. Have a gander at Director Rachel Chavkin and Book, Music and Lyric writer Anaïs Mitchell talking about the musical’s latest incarnation.

Will Smith got you down? Why not find out a bit about the OG genie and his relationship with Disney here.

For some fun behind-the-scenes of the creative antics of the Hadestown cast and crew go give Anaïs Mitchell a follow.

Ain't too Proud.png

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Check out the trailer for Ain’t Too Proud!

No matter what you think about the jukeboxiness of it all - you can’t deny that cast has some serious moves! Why not try some of the choreography yourself?

And if you want a perhaps less biased viewpoint of The Temps then have a gander at this documentary here.


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Check out the trailer for Tootsie!

Have you seen the original movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange yet? If not, why not?! Make Jimi happy and go watch it now.

Although it might not be the most tactful way of discussing the gender issues in media, ‘Tootsie’ has certainly opened up discussions about it, with the movie really making a point. Here’s a very powerful interview with Dustin Hoffman talking about his experience as Dorothy Michaels.


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Check out the trailer for Beetlejuice!

The original Beetlejuice movie is an absolute cult classic and well worth a watch - even if it’s just for a young, lip syncing Winona Ryder.

The design for Beetlejuice is truly unlike anything else on Broadway right now. Here’s set designer David Kronis talking about his inspirations.

Interested in vocal technique? Well here’s a fascinating look as to how the sensational Alex Brighty Brightman maintains that distinctive voice for 8 shows a week.

The Prom.png

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Check out the trailer for The Prom!

Here’s the performance that tugged on Tommy’s heartstrings and really shows off the heart that The Prom has!

Will we be seeing a rehash of Beth Leavel’s Tony acceptance speech again this year? Only time will tell!

Check out the trailer for Oklahoma!

If you want to hear our views about ‘Oklahoma!’ then our podcast episode on it is here!

As cliché as it sounds, this really is Oklahoma! as you’ve never heard it before. Here’s Tony nominee Ali Stroker giving a wild rendition of Ado Annie’s classic.

Reviews are a funny thing aren’t they? Here are two completely contrasting reviews (number one / number two) on this new production. Sometimes polarizing art is really the most effective!

Kiss Me, Kate!.png


Check out the trailer for Kiss Me, Kate!

As different as it may be from the rest of the shows this season, you can’t go wrong with Kelli O’Hara doing what she does best!

The Cher Show.png

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Check out the trailer for The Cher Show!

Bob Mackie, who designed the costumes for the musical, is Cher’s go-to designer. Here’s an insight into the work he did for The Cher Show.

What do you think of Stephanie J. Block’s impersonation of Cher? Is an accurate impersonation crucial for a biographical jukebox musical? Let us know your thoughts on Reddit!

And speaking of impersonations, is there any better Cher impersonator than drag all star Chad Michaels?

King Kong.png

Sadly(?) there have been no cast recordings announced yet for King Kong!

Check out the trailer for King Kong!

You certainly can’t deny that the puppetry for the musical is out of this world. Here’s a short featurette all about it!

Be More Chill.png

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Check out the trailer for Be More Chill!

If you want to hear our views about Be More Chill (and more importantly how they’ve changed!) then our podcast episode on it is here!

So there’s lots to pour through and lots to discuss! Tweet us your picks for the winners @jimandtomic!

And if you need a break from Tony fever, here’s Rachel Bloom being generally exquisite on the Off-Book Improvised Musical podcast.

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